Interview Club

Interview Club is a program with the goal of using the skills and practices of documentary film interviewing, to bridge social and ideological divides. 


When you interview someone, you learn a lot about them, and this connection is a meaningful way to build a more tolerant society. We’ve developed a program which uses filmed interviews to put people into conversation with each other, allowing them space and time to express themselves, share, and engage with different ideas. 


Practically, we partner two people together, who take turns interviewing each other on camera. These interviews happen during either a group workshop (for institutions like schools, universities, businesses, hospitals, and prisons), or in a more informal space, like a community center or public space open to everyone for an afternoon or weekend. 


During the institutional workshop, we teach a 25 minute “Intro to Interviewing” to the entire group. Then we split everyone up into groups of two. Volunteer video people operate the cameras, and each partner group takes turns interviewing, and being interviewed, for 30 minutes in each direction (for a total of one hour). After this, we conduct a brief sum-up session, where we talk a little about what was discovered, and what it felt like to share. 


The informal session is similarly structured, but runs on a rolling basis, rather than a single 2 hour chunk of time.


After interviews, the participants will be given the option to delete all their interview footage (the main point is the process of doing the interviewing, not the content) but if they choose, we can also give them the footage and/or add it to an online repository, for public viewing. 


The purpose of the project is to facilitate conversation between people, and hone the skills that hyper partisan, tech-centric interactions have blunted. 

If you would like to bring a program to your institution, volunteer to help out, or learn more about this new idea, get in touch below.

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